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Manager Edition

The Manager Edition is the first version that will be made available to the public. Currently we are working very hard to finish the first tools and test them in our BETA team. We can’t give any ETA on the first public release of FSSS, so please be patient and sent us your suggestions by the topic on the global forum.

Football Star Scouting System
Manager Edition


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We would like to welcome you to one of the newest FSDN programs available. Football Star Scouting System is a web-based tool developed to help players, managers and in the future also NT-coaches. There are three different versions of the system, some tools are available in all version and there for for all users. Other tools are only available for managers or NT-coaches.

We hope that our tool will help you by developing your player, managing your club or leading your country to victories.

If you have any feedback or suggestions please use our contact page to inform us.

Good luck using FSSS!

Development team FSSS